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about us

We are a technology-driven, innovative powder material manufacturing company.

SVMT has a broad spectrum of unique, competitive capabilities in particulate surface chemistry engineering and core-shell technologies including but not limited to base metals, precious metals, and alloys for Low Temperature Joining (LTJ), sensors, alternative energy, and medical applications that can provide value to our customers.
Our core-shell technology enables substantial material cost savings in applications of high-value metal commodity pricing and can impart performance advantages. Further, SVMT’s core-shell products offer unique low-temperature joining compositions unrivaled in applications of process temperature, thermal management, and bonding.
SVMT’s surface engineering offers our customers distinctive solutions in dispersion and stability challenges.

The SVMT Mission

  • To achieve increasing customer satisfaction through communication, continuous improvement of our processes, development of new products and services, involvement of our entire organization, and partnerships with our customers.
  • To address customer needs in technology driven niche markets with innovative materials and manufacturing technology.
  • To achieve worldwide recognition as a leading resource for next generation precious metal products, expertise, and support.
  • To leverage the synergy of technical resources with our customers to provide a competitive edge in their markets, enabling increased market share and profitability.

Our Values

People and Safety

Our people are our greatest resource. Through training, empowerment and teamwork, our employees strengthen the company and ensure each and every employee leaves work safely everyday.


In all endeavors we strive to minimize or eliminate environmental impact with our manufacturing and business practices.


We are judged by the products and services we sell. We strive to be the supplier of choice by providing high quality products at good value, delivered in time, every time, with performance characteristics that give our customers a competitive edge.


We supply high value products targeted for critical industrial applications. Mutual trust between our customers and ourselves is of paramount importance. We place the needs of our customers first when supplying products and services by conducting business in a straightforward, honest, and responsible manner.

We are a global supplier of the innovative materials you need to build next generation products.

Core-Shell Powders

Nanocomposite powder developed for additive technology, both printed and ink-jet manufacturing processes. Provide paste formulators a wide range of previously unobtainable low temperature joining compositions.

Spheres and Flakes

SVMT’s unique fabrication process provides tailored particle size distribution and surface engineered solutions for optimum dispersion and viscosity stability.

Solar Applications

SVMT innovative core-shell powder allow for high efficiencies with over 25% reduction in cost.

Our unique and extensive experience will provide the perfect solution for your novel and leading-edge projects.

our technology

Industries We Serve

SVMT Phased Array
We are a trusted source to provide provide security-critical technologies and microelectronic components using a fully-integrated manufacturing process.

Highly specialized design used to produce the components required to meet performance targets for rapid deployment.

SVMT Auto Tech
As innovations in automotive technology increase at a more rapid pace, OEMs and VAS need to stay competitive with more advanced sensors and controls.

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